Powerful visualization for every part of your business

Behar’s cloud-based mapping and visualization solutions have become the standard of performance and reliability in the death care industry.

Fully customized to your precise business needs and processes, our solutions are designed to enhance every area of your business. Photo-realistic 2D and 3D visualization simplifies and increases both pre-need and at-need sales. Extraordinary GIS-based location and mapping capabilities mean your operations run more efficiently and more profitably. Cutting-edge analytics and intuitive dashboarding tools, powered by your existing business data, drive faster, more informed business decisions.

For more than 50 years, Behar customers have experienced our commitment to service, communication, guidance, and support. Those qualities remain the foundation of every implementation.

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our Capabilities

GIS Mapping

Manage inventory and guide visitors using interactive mapping tools

3D Viewers

Enhance pre-need sales of crypts & niches with an online realistic virtual experience

TRUE Digital Mapping

Generate a verified GIS database from your existing mapping records

our Products



An interactive, cloud-based GIS mapping platform for cemetery plots and utilities, Web-Map offers location-based precision and security in real-time on any device. Whether you’re managing cemetery operations, verifying inventory, identifying available plots, or helping guide visitors, Web-Map guarantees speed, accuracy and ease of use.

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A powerful cloud-based visualization solution, Crypt3D creates a realistic “virtual presence” that allows customers an immersive, detailed view of mausoleums and columbaria from any location on any device.  Our cutting-edge 3D modeling engine, driven by your own business data, also enables highly-detailed pre-construction visualization of above-ground properties, giving your staff valuable tools to begin selling the minute your facility design is complete.

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A sophisticated yet easy-to-use graphic interface delivers enhanced wisdom for your business. Real-time analytics lets you instantly create and display full-color representations of your vital business information using a broad range of matrices. Quickly and easily configured to match your specific business processes, the dashboard is an extraordinary tool for senior managers seeing greater insight about multiple properties and products across any timespan.

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An easy-to-use interactive navigation station for cemetery guests helps them quickly find their loved ones, whether during or outside office hours. By photographing the on-screen QR code, visitors can also choose to instantly access walking directions via a detailed map delivered directly to their smartphone.

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our Technology

The strength and flexibility of Behar’s advanced cloud-based mapping solutions comes from a unique integration between our cutting-edge technology and the Esri GIS engine – the world’s most sophisticated geospatial information software. Our solutions are fully secure and accessible on any device and platform. The robust Behar API connects quickly and securely to your management system software, synchronizing in real-time in order to deliver up-to-date, photo-realistic maps based on the most accurate display and analysis of your business data.