Drive sales with precision 3D cloud-based visualization: Web / iOS / Android

Crypt3D lets you visualize your cemetery, mausoleum, columbarium, and cremation garden in a dynamic 3D cloud-based application with precision data-driven detail.

• Maximize Available Inventory
• Generate Pre-Construction Sales
• Streamline Operations
• Customize to your Corporate Needs
• Visualize Preventive Maintenance
• Enhance Capital Planning

Behar Mapping, a multi-generational family owned business, is the leading provider of GIS mapping technology implementation in the death care industry.



World-class standard
GIS engine

Behar Crypt3D merges precision Esri
GIS technologies with 3D imaging to power your sales, streamline operations management, and increase revenue.

Maximize Available Inventory
Your customers can quickly make selections from real-time 3D representations of your niches and crypts in mausoleums, columbariums, or cremation gardens in person or online.

Generate Pre-Construction Sales
Present options during design and construction phases with Behar Crypt3D’s custom dynamic 3D models.

Streamline Operations
Enhance maintenance workflow and systems management with an accurate visualization of your facility based on world-class precision GIS technology.

Identify important features with dynamic color-coding, automatic labeling, search functions, and multi-layer selections.

Visualize Preventive Maintenance 
Monitor and communicate the status of facilities to your crew and vendors.

Enhance Capital Planning
Real-world GIS-based planning for capital improvements.

Coordinate Driven
Real-world location
data supports navigation and driving

Secure and Reliable
Built and integrated
with Esri’s ArcGIS Online cloud-based technology.

Data Ownership
Manage and maintain your own data.

Built-In Data Management Tools
3D visualization and interaction are accessible on Web, iOS and Android platforms.

Easy to Use
Minimal training needed.